Let's smurf together for gender equality.

Temporary exhibition on 2 floors / groundfloor (level 0) & Central Sphere (level 5)

06.03.2020 - Autumn 2020

Just like in 2018, the Smurfs and the Atomium are teaming up again for a great collaboration. This time, not to celebrate their common birthday, but to fight against gender inequalities.

The Smurfs are working with the United Nations on a campaign regarding the 17 development goals. The 193 countries of the United Nations concluded an agreement in 2015 on the Sustainable Development Goals for a better world, including ending famine, access to clean drinking water or health and well-being for all. Another one of the goals is gender equality. A subject that is important to the Smurfs and more particularly to the Smurfette, because of the Smurfette Principle. This term, used by New York Times reporter Katha Pollitt, describes the inferior representation of women in movies and TV series.

Through panels installed on the ground floor of the Atomium, various examples of the Smurfette Principle are shown through films and contemporary series such as Stranger Things and Marvel, accompanied by panels from the Smurfs comics, where the Smurfette is often underestimated and excluded by her male friends.

Scenarios that playfully tackle deeper and real problems, such as the fact that women do 3 times more unpaid care and housework than me, or earn up to 23% less for the same work as a man. A gender inequality that the Smurfs and the UN want to improve and they will work on it in the Atomium. The symbol of Belgium, built for the Universal Exhibition in 1958, had at that time, and still today, its mission to symbolize confidence in humanity's ability to build a better world for all.

Starting from 8.03.2020 (International Women's Rights Day), visitors are invited to take a closer look at the principle of the Smurfette and to show their support to achieve equality between men and women everywhere - at school, at home and in everyday life.

Practical information


This exhibition is situated on levels 0 & 5 of the Atomium (groundfloor + Central Sphere).


From March 6th 2020 till Autumn 2020.

Opening times

Daily, from 10am till 6pm (closure ticket office at 5.30pm).

Entrance fees

The access to the temporary exhibition is part of the visit of the Atomium and as a consequence there will be no extra costs.

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