Developed as a real adventure book, this tour guide for children [6 to 12] includes about a dozen puzzles to solve.

The answers to these puzzles are given in the panorama [upper sphere] and in the permanent exhibition [bottom sphere].

In addition to the questions, the completely free guide includes a series of information adapted to youngsters to enable them better to understand the history of the Atomium and the circumstances surrounding its creation.

Practice information

The booklet is available in English, French and Dutch. Ask someone of our welcome team on site for the booklet. 


What you need ?

  • 9 circles in paper
  • 12 rectangular-shaped pieces of paper
  • 1 sheet of paper (A4)
  • Scissors
  • A crayon
  • Glue
  • A ruler
  • Markers or coloured crayons

How to ?

  • Cut 9 circles of the same diameter. To help you, you can use a small tin can to trace the outline of the circles. You can use either colored sheets or white sheets. Do not hesitate to draw what could be inside the different spheres of the Atomium.
    In our example: the spheres are 5.5 cm in diameter
  • Cut 12 rectangles of the same length. Use a ruler to help you.
    In our example, the tubes are 12cm x 1cm.
  • On a sheet of A4 paper, assemble the 9 circles and 12 rectangles to form a 2D Atomium. As an example, you can use a photo of the Atomium that you can find on our website.