• the tour includes the visit of 5 spheres, including the panorama 
  • the Atomium entry ticket includes entry to the  Design Museum Brussels located 150m from the Atomium
  • tickets can be bought at the cash desk or online
  • a digital game with AtomiumPlay
  • souvenir shop in the colors of the Atomium, Brussels and Belgitude


Opening days

  • From Monday till Sunday included: from 10 am to 6 pm (ticket office closes at 5:30 pm).
  • 24 and 31 December : From 10am to 4pm
  • 25 December and 1st January : From 12am to 6pm
  • Closed from 22 to 26 January included: Annual maintenance of the elevator


  • Tickets are preferably purchased online, although the cash desk on-site is also available.
  • When buying online, you will be asked to choose a date. 
  • The purchased ticket remains valid between 10am and 5.30pm of the chosen date. 
  • During holiday periodswaiting time in the queues might be longer due to higher visitor numbers.
  • B-Excursions tickets [train + Atomium tour / Design Museum Brussels / Mini-Europe] are temporarily suspended. Available at the SNCB.

* The Atomium is a heritage building dating from 1958 and is exceptional in many ways. The architectural complexity of the building and the large number of visitors during weekends and school vacations mean that priority access cannot be given, either for the entrance or for the elevator (from the first floor to the panorama and vice versa). We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience on busy days. Exceptions: persons with reduced mobility and one accompanying person, as well as restaurant guests with a confirmed reservation for lunch at the restaurant. They will be accompanied by a member of the restaurant staff to the elevator to go up to the upper sphere, but will not have priority at the panorama to go back down to the first floor after the meal.



The Atomium site consists of two separate buildings:

  1. the pavilion [concrete building at the foot of the Atomium]

  2. the Atomium itself

Each building has its own entrance, which means that there are two separate queues: a first queue to the pavilion and a second queue to the Atomium.

  • If you already have an e-ticket, you can join the queue for the Atomium immediately.
  • If you do not have an e-ticket, please join the queue at the pavilion to buy a ticket. You can then join the queue for the Atomium.

In the pavilion [cash desk, restroom, locker, stroller space]

At the entrance to the pavilion, an employee manages the flow of visitors [to the cash desk and toilets].

  • The ticket pavilion gives access to the paid [€0,50] toilets [woman, man, PRM] as well as a space for strollers [mandatory].
  • At the entrance of the pavilion, a member of our staff manages the flow [entry and exit to the toilets].
  • We guarantee a cleaning of the toilets after each use.

  • Lockers are available for €1 (returned).


Our staff is present in the different spheres and remains available to answer your questions or to guide you.

The tour

The Atomium entry ticket gives access to a tour which is divided into two stages:

1 / The panorama (*)
  • Departure from the ground floor [level 0] by elevator to the panorama [level 7].
  • Return from the panorama [level 7] by elevator to the ground floor [level 0] to continue the visit or exit.

2 / The exhibitions

(*) by elevator only [except in case of emergency].
(**) this course includes, in addition to escalators, 80 steps to climb and 167 steps to descend divided into various sections. Passing through one of the tubes could be inconvenient for people with epilepsy.

It remains prohibited:

  • to smoke,
  • to bring and consume food and / or drinks,
  • to enter the building with animals, with the only exception of guide dogs,
  • to walk barefoot,
  • to circulate in an outfit likely to bring a disturbance to public order,
  • to demonstrate and deploy banners.


  • The exit is via the entrance airlock. 
You will be guided by our staff to avoid crossing other visitors.



    The Atomium is a place of culture, education and history.  Therefore visitors are requested to behave appropriately.   In this spirit, the personnel at the Atomium strive to ensure serenity reigns so that visitors can make the most of their visit. The discipline imposed primarily relates to respect for the Atomium but also respect for other visitors


    Article 1

    The Atomium is open every day of the year from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Ticket sales close 30 minutes before the building closes.  The Management may revise these opening hours without notice, notably in the case of an exceptional event, adverse weather conditions, large crowds or in the case of force majeure.

    Article 2

    Entry and movement in the building during public opening hours are subject to the person holding a valid entry ticket.

    Article 3

    Each ticket only entitles the holder to a single entry and must be kept until the end of the visit. Any exit is final.


    Article 4

    Direction of the visit: the Atomium is visited in 2 parts:

    • the Panorama,  by lift
    • the exhibitions, by escalators and stairs (+/- 80 steps up and +/- 180 down in several stages)

    Article 5

    If for reasons of force majeure, the Management of the Atomium is forced to restrict access to the building or part of it for a period of more than 4 consecutive hours, only the amount corresponding to the limitation of access resulting from this restriction may result in a refund. If the restriction of access is linked to a decision by the Public Authorities, no refund requests shall be considered.


    Article 6

    The tickets sold at the Atomium ticket office are for immediate entry.  The date of issue are stated on the ticket: this statement serves as the reference to allow access to the building.

    Article 7

    The price is stipulated in Euro including taxes, solely payable in this currency.

    Article 8

    The price applicable is the one in force on the purchase date of the ticket, it is displayed at the Atomium ticket office. To take advantage of certain benefits or concessions, presentation of proof may be required at the ticket office.

    Article 9

    Payment may be made for one or more tickets in cash or by bank card. A payment receipt is issued at the ticket office on payment.

    Article 10

    The ticket is only valid for the period indicated on it. It may not be returned, resold, refunded or exchanged. Therefore, the Atomium reserves the right to refuse entry to the building to any holder of an illegally acquired ticket: these tickets shall therefore be seized without any compensation.

    Article 11

    In case of loss or theft, the tickets shall not be refunded.

    Article 12

    The Atomium shall not be held liable should Force Majeure disrupt the proper performance of the visit to the building and, if applicable, cause the total or partial closure to the public such as adverse weather conditions (frost, wind, snow,…) or a decision by the Public Authorities.

    3. PROVISIONS FOR GROUPS (minimum 20 people)

    Article 13

    To receive priority access to the Atomium ticket office, prior booking is required at least 10 days before the visit, specifying the date of the visit, the time of arrival, the number of adults, students (ages), seniors or children (ages) and the name under which the group would like to be welcomed, as well as the name and mobile number of a contact person for the group. A confirmation email will be sent within 5 working days.
    Rukiye Yildiz
    Groups & schools - guided tours (information & reservation) / +32 (0)2 475 47 67

    Article 14

    The booking, payment and ticket collection conditions as well as the access conditions to the Atomium are stipulated in the Conditions of Sale for online booking.

    Article 15

    Given capacity of the lift (maximum 18 people), groups may be split.  There is no queue reserved to groups during the descent.

    Article 16

    For reservations for the restaurant in the upper sphere, access to the lift is through the line reserved for the restaurant.  There is no priority at the lift for restaurant clients when returning to the ground floor.


    Article 17

    Access and movement around all the public spaces of the Atomium are subject to articles 18 to 23 below.  The Atomium staff are authorised to prohibit entry or to remove any visitors not complying with these requirements and may do so without this giving rise to any compensation.

    Article 18

    Bringing objects into the Atomium that due to other use or characteristics present a risk to the security of people, installations or the building is strictly prohibited, including:

    • weapons and ammunition,
    • explosive, flammable or volatile substances,
    • knives that may constitute a dangerous weapon to staff or public safety,
    • tools (including cutters, screwdrivers, pliers,…),
    • any excessively heavy, bulky or foul-smelling objects,
    • oversize packages or luggage (lockers are available for visitors at the ticket office),
    • any climbing, bungee equipment (particularly elastic for bungee jumping or parachutes) as well as any propaganda material of any kind whatsoever,
    • children’s pushchairs, space is provided behind the ticket office for these,
    • animals, except guide dogs for the visually impaired,
    • glasses and glass bottles, cans, drinks or food.

    Any objects refused in the building and deposited in the bin shall be considered lost.

    Article 19

    A correct attitude is required from visitors, both vis-à-vis the Atomium staff and other visitors, the following are strictly prohibited:

    • walking barefoot,
    • walking around in an outfit liable to cause a public disturbance,
    • demonstrating and using banners.

    Article 20

    You are strictly prohibited from:

    • climbing the Atomium at any place and by any means whatsoever,
    • performing jumps in and on the Atomium at any place and by any means whatsoever,
    • throwing, casting an object of any kind in the monument or from the monument.

    It is strictly prohibited on the ground and in the monument, except by prior written agreement from the Atomium to
    carry out any action that may harm the safety or people and goods and good conditions of the visit and notably:

    • to cross barriers of devices intended to contain the public,
    • to enter areas not open to the public (staff areas, technical rooms, closed stairways, as well as all areas marked “no entry”),
    • to use banners of any kind whatsoever,
    • to demonstrate,
    • to let off Bengal light flares or similar,
    • to organise picnics,
    • to realise inscriptions or graffiti of any kind whatsoever,
    • to indulge in racing, sliding, climbing or wrestling,
    • to use roller blades or scooters,
    • to obstruct the circulation the public and to block passages and exits, including sitting on the stairs,
    • to smoke, eat or drink outside the designated areas,
    • to throw paper and waste, to stick chewing gum on the ground,
    • to spit on the ground or above the stairs and/or escalators and/or handrails,
    • to leave personal items even for a moment,
    • to leave children unsupervised,
    • to carry a child on shoulders,
    • to activate a fire alarm box or emergency equipment (extinguisher,…) without cause
    • to conduct quests or treasure hunts,
    • to engage in any trade, advertising, propaganda or soliciting.

    Article 21

    For construction reasons, the entire Atomium is not accessible to wheelchair users and to people with reduced mobility.  The lift may cause dizziness and perception problems, it is not recommended for people sensitive to this.
    Some temporary exhibitions (sound and light) may cause epileptic seizures.  It is strongly recommended that people prone to this disorder check the dates for these exhibitions on the website

    Article 22

    Dependent persons and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

    Article 23

    The Atomium may refuse entry to the monument to any person whose attitude, behaviour or dress may be judged likely to cause disruption within the building or to obstruct the visit.


    Article 24

    By purchasing a ticket the holder acknowledges acceptance of the safety instructions at the Atomium and the obligation to comply with all checks that the authorised person at the building may need to carry out for security and safety.

    Article 25

    The visitors must refrain from any act likely to endanger the safety of persons and property.

    Article 26

    Security checks are carried out at the entrance to the building.. For safety or security reasons, visitors are asked to open their bags and packages and to present the contents or make these known. These checks may take place at any part of the Atomium at the request of the staff and security officers.

    Article 27

    A refusal to comply with the measures imposed during security checks, disturbances and nuisance caused to other visitors or damage caused to the integrity of the building and its installations shall result in refused entry or immediate eviction from the Atomium without any redress.

    Article 28

    Abandoned objects that appear to endanger the security of the building shall be destroyed without delay or notice.

    Article 29

    All the spheres of the Atomium are under video surveillance and the images are recorded and kept for 3 weeks. Any interested party may, under the conditions defined in law, have access to the recordings concerning them.

    Article 30

    Any accident, discomfort of a person as well as any abnormal event or any unsupervised objects or bags should be reported to the Atomium staff.
    If a doctor, nurse or paramedic visiting the building intervenes, they must present their professional card to the reception officer and remain with the sick or injured person until their removal, they will be asked to leave their name and address with the staff on the premises.

    Article 31

    In the case of a small fire, the greatest calm must be observed.  The incident must be reported immediately:

    • verbally to a reception officer or to any member of staff present,
    • by using the fire alarm boxed distributed in the spaces and connected to the central fire alarm.

    If the total or partial evacuation of the building is required, this must take place in an orderly and disciplined fashion under the guidance of the Atomium staff in accordance with the instructions given.

    Article 32

    In accordance with article 422bis of the criminal code (failure to assist a person in danger), each person is required to lend a hand to the staff when the assistance of the visitors is required.

    Article 33

    In case of excessive crowds, disturbances, strikes or any situation likely to compromise the safety of people and property, a complete or partial closure of the building may take place at any time of the day or the opening hours may be changed.

    Article 34

    The company cannot be held liable in the case of:

    • theft (pickpockets), loss or damage of any kind whatsoever during the visit,
    • breakdown or decommissioning of the escalators and/or lift or technical equipment,
    • restricting access to certain areas or partial closure of the building, on the decision of the management of the Atomium or by decision of any administrative or public authority for reasons of security, maintenance, overcrowding or adverse weather conditions.

    Article 35

    Any lost child shall be entrusted to a reception officer who will take them to the ground floor of the Atomium.  An “intercom” call will be broadcast in several languages (F/NL/UK) in the Atomium to inform parents where the child can be found.


    Article 36

    Any professional audio and/or visual recordings in which the public or staff may be the subject must, in addition to the formal agreement of the Atomium also have the consent of the parties involved.  The Atomium rejects any liability vis-à-vis third parties in case of a breach of these provisions.

    Article 37

    Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous article, professional photography, filming, recording radio and television programmes are subject to special rules.  They are subject to a prior request to the Atomium.  Written authorisation must be presented at any check in the building.

    Article 38

    Any surveys, any opinion polls of visitors must be subject to prior written permission from the management.


    Article 39

    Visitors are asked to check that no personal effects are left on site.  Statements of lost or forgotten items must be:

    • reported to the reception at the Atomium to the staff present,
    • sent by email to:

    Items found at the Atomium are kept for a period of one year in the administrative areas of the Atomium. During which time they may be claimed and recovered or returned to the address indicated by the owner at their expense.  After this period, unclaimed items found shall be donated to several humanitarian charities in Belgium.

    The Atomium rejects any responsibility for lost items in the building.  Perishable goods, objects without value or in poor condition (wet, dirty or smelly) shall be destroyed on the same evening when the Atomium closes.


    Article 40

    Any complaint relating to the conditions of the visit must be made on site to the management of the Atomium so that a solution may be found. Otherwise, the visit shall, by express agreement, be considered to have taken place under satisfactory conditions.

    Article 41

    Any disputes or litigation shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the judicial district within which the seller’s registered office is situated, without prejudice to public order or mandatory legal provisions.