ROCKGROWTH 808 Atomium

RockGrowth represents the evolution of Absent Nature, (ongoing project): the impossible assumption - from a biological point of view - of planting a Rock (mineral) as a plant and observe, as a witness, its germinating process and growth, taking part in the genetic intimacy of its evolving nature and natural process.

When the Rock is planted or put in the ground the mineral transforms by bio-mimicry. It adopts plant DNA and germinates. It grows, enlarges and develops both above and under the ground. Each and every one of its facets grows and develops at its own speed, direction and dimension, giving birth to a faceted tree trunk that later, when cut, becomes a faceted Log. Simultaneously, both bulbs and roots produce branching points of growth where the developing facets will extend.

Each one of these outgrowths becomes a Rock-Growth: if you dismember and section the growing parts, by separating roots, bulbs and branches from the main core, the isolated element reveals its mineral nature and goes back to resembling a unique atom or out of space formation. Its reflection and geometry create a complex and dynamic image, like a still from a movie of an ever-growing fast-forward reality.

  • Artist: Arik Levy
  • Date: 2014
  • Example: unique
  • Length: 1070cm
  • Width: 920cm
  • Height: 808cm
  • Materials: red powder coated stainless steel and mirror-polished stainless steel
  • Signature: ARIK LEVY RGA 808 2014