Only available in french & dutch.

This folder, comprising about twenty questions, is aimed at children between 6 and 12.
It is intended to give young visitors the elements needed for a better understanding of the history, symbolism and shape of the Atomium.

A genuine support tool, the emphasis is on making the connection and comparison, in order to make history come alive and less abstract to the eyes of those who did not experience it.

The elements included in this folder are not a substitute for a guided tour which, due to its interactivity, will always be more rewarding than a written document.

Version for teachers

In this version, the folder is an excellent tool to prepare for a visit to the Atomium as the answers to the questions asked to the students during their visit are largely explained with the intention of allowing the teacher to support the talk on the site.



Version for pupils

This version uses the same one as those intended for the teachers but without the answers to the questions.


Don't forget to send us your recommendations or other good ideas to improve this folder.
Thank you for your interest and we wish you a super visit.

The educational team.

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