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As with most of the buildings put up for Expo 58, it was agreed that the Atomium would be knocked down soon after the event came to an end. But as we know, it was an immediate big hit, so the demolition was postponed. It went on to become a key element of Brussels heritage and so it was inconceivable that it could ever be knocked down.

Over time, the links forged between the Atomium and its city have continued to become closer. What would Brussels be without its Atomium? And vice versa? They have become inextricably linked.

Today, the Atomium and Brussels have become synonymous with joy and happiness. The former by being the venue for countless jubilant events (dances, concerts, walking and cycling rallies, the death ride, fireworks, and much more) and the latter by making its way into the list of the top 20 best cities to live in the world.

The creation of the Brussels Happiness label was a way for us to re-emphasise the close relationship between the Atomium and the Capital of Europe: two places where you can enjoy life to the full and experience a host of new sensations.

Far from getting tired and worn out, the love affair with the most Belgian of buildings is still alive and well, making sure that the Atomium retains its position at the top list of the capital's most popular tourist attractions.

In 2008, the threshold of 4,000 visitors a day was exceeded many times: the ultimate record was toppled on 17th August 2008, with 4,700 people in a single day.


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