Spirou4Rights: a playful afternoon for kids

Symbol of universality and progress since 1958, the Atomium invites you to rediscover the Universal Declaration of Human Rights via Spirou and 29 other heroes of the comic strip.

The Atomium & the Zometool construction game Team invite you to a great afternoon of games.
All visitors of the Atomium (between 6 and 12 years old) are kindly invited to give total freedom to their creative imagination and skills to build together a giant model of the Atomium [about 3.000 pieces to assemble].

Beside this, it will also be possible to create smaller models.
All that with the assistance of a trilingual team.

  • Where: Atomium, Kid's Sphere
  • When: Sunday Nov.17th., from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm [everyone can stay as long as he wants]
  • Price: free [included in the Atomium entrance ticket]
  • For who: all children between 6-12 years old [2 adults per child max.] 
  • Booking: no reservation required