Innovative Objects of Today & Tomorrow. 


Temporary exhibition on 3 floors / temporary exhibition Spheres (levels 3, 4 & 5)

>>> 03.10.2013 - 02.02.2014

Innovation means progress! 
In 1958, the Atomium portrayed perfectly the spirit of innovation blowing over the planet by dominating a universal exhibition entirely devoted  to progress and the future.
Do you remember the presentation of Sputnik, the Earth's first artificial satellite, launched into space a year earlier which was the pride of the Soviet Pavilion?  Innovation, at that  time, raised the eyes skywards. Space was the new frontier to be reached!
The Atomium and its nine spheres representing the iron crystal with nine atoms also explicitly referred to this forward-looking progress - the  innovation of controlling the atom.
WoW is NoW delves into the rich production of innovative objects that have been building the story of humanity. The subject of the Brussels 1958 World Fair was the concern to shape a kind of humanism based on science and progress, and the wish to build a more human world for modern mankind. This spirit was at the heart of the event.
More than fifty years after the World Fair, the Atomium re-explores human creativity by investigating the concept of innovation. What is innovation? Who innovates, where, when and how? Several examples of innovations are shown. Who invented the security helmet? How did someone come up with the idea of Velcro? Why do we eat potatoes? How was the Jacuzzi created? 
WoW is NoW will tackle these questions playfully and interactively.
Tomorrow will not be the same as yesterday. It will be new and will depend on us. Whatever may be the route taken, it will always be unexpected.




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This exhibition is situated on levels 3, 4 & 5 of the Atomium (temporary exhibition Spheres).

>>> from October 3rd 2013 till Februari 2nd 2014


Opening times

Daily, from 10am till 6pm (closure ticket office at 5.30pm)


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The access to the temporary exhibition is part of the visit of the Atomium and as a consequence there will be no extra costs.

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