Let’s make the Atomium SHINE!
When it opened in April 1958, with the slogan, a world for a better life for mankind, the World Fair bore a message of progress symbolized by the Atomium. Technological prowess, an ambitious architectural gesture, a symbol of progress, the Atomium still makes you dream! 
The Foundation wants to continue that dream, by making the Atomium a focal point of unique encounters, discoverie and experiences for its members. The Foundation organizes meetings with artists of international fame, and it showcases performances, exhibitions of private collections and concerts. We are both proud and thrilled to put our energy at the service of the Atomium Foundation and contribute to organizing events that will allow you to discover or rediscover the Atomium with your family or friends. Associating the Atomium with artistic and creative events has been essential to us from the start.
Our purpose is to offer you the opportunity to participate in events of exceptional and exclusive quality, in order to make all your visits to the Atomium unforgettable and your membership to the Foundation even more gratifying.
Atomium Foundation Board.
Sophie Eykerman
Pascale Peckers
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