Combined tickets Atomium + Mini-Europe + Oceade*
The north of Brussels (Heyzel) becomes  a real culture- and leisure destination. Visit the Atomium, enjoy Mini-Europe afterwards (at the foot of the Atomium) and take a swim at the Océade swimming paradise (neighbour of Mini-Europe). Do you dare to take all slides?  You enjoy all this at a preferential price.
  • Senior citizens [>65]: €25,70
  • Adults [18-65]: €27,50
  • Teens [13-17]: €21,10
  • Kids [>115cm-12]: €18
  • Students [with student ID]: €21,10
> website of Mini-Europe
> website of Oceade
The price of the combined ticket includes:
  • the visit to the entire Atomium, including the permanent and temporary exhibitions and the panorama.
  • the entire visit to the ADAM – Brussels Design Museum, including the permanent [Plasticarium] and temporary exhibitions.
  • the entire visit of Mini-Europe (200m from the Atomium).



Atomium - What to do around the Atomium [Mini-Europe • Oceade • Planetarium].






In 2018, the Atomium celebrates its 60th anniversary.


To mark the occasion, Brussels’ iconic attraction will be hosting three temporary exhibitions (two of which will be held in the ADAM - Brussels Design Museum). Collectively entitled Galaxy 58, they will be devoted to Expo 58.


To enable visitors to see all three exhibitions on one ticket, the entry fee for the Atomium will automatically include access to the ADAM - Brussels Design Museum.










PEOPLE OF 58 [Atomium]
Through many documents, videos, photos, objects and costumes mostly unpublished: the extension of the permanent exhibition of the Atomium is more particularly devoted to people who have made Expo 58 and the past experiences. 
>>> 23.03.2018 - 20.01.2019


GRAPHIC 58 [ADAM - Brussels Design Museum]
The graphic universe of Expo 58 was very innovative for its time. The Museum will present its major constituents, such as forms, colors and textures, and why these had such an effect in 1958. 
>>> 23.03.2018 - 13.01.2019


PODIUM 58 [ADAM - Brussels Design Museum]
Produced in collaboration with the Fashion and Lace Museum in Brussels, this exhibition illustrates how stylish the visitors of Expo 58 were, on the eve of the Swinging Sixties and in a rapidly changing world.
>>> 23.03.2018 - 19.08.2018


The Smurf ExperienceBoth the Atomium as the Smurfs are celebrating their 60th birthday in 2018. That’s why the big international Belgian icons are working to make it an exceptional year.
Starting from the opening in June  on the Heizel Plateau, the Smurf Experience will join efforts with the Atomium to offer reduced priced tickets to the many families who would like to explore their respective worlds (distance between both locations is 150m).
>>> starting from 09.06.2018





Vintage Fair 58There will be over 120 stands at which collectors will be displaying various objects, mementos and vintage pieces. There will be activities for children, an outside seating area and a 1958-style atmosphere, so that visitors can hunt for bargains as they share something of this collective national memory.
>>> 28 & 29.04.2018
Vintage Fair 58 >>>
Event page on Facebook >>>
Reserve your stand : +32 (0)486 402 003 >>>

Rock Around the AtomiumThere will be 12 international concerts over a two-day period, with a vintage market, and the most beautiful cars and motorbikes dating from the period will be on show, that’s what you can expect from the 8th edition of this festival.
Everything will be open to all and free of charge! It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a festive weekend filled with early rock as well as a submersion into Expo 58 at the foot of the most Belgian building.
The event is organised in collaboration with the Brock’Xelles the City of Brussels, the Atomium and Classic 21.
>>> 05 & 06.05.2018


Parade of old timersWhether they were private or official conveyances, whether they were used as delivery, support or construction vehicles, all the cars on display date from 1958, and some were in existence at the time of Expo 58.
A must see for all car lovers.  
>>> 27.05.2018

FireworksFor 5 special occasions during the summer the Atomium will be the perfect décor for beautiful fireworks. During these moments we will open up our doors a little bit longer for the nocturnals.

On the 31th of December 2018 the New Year’s Eve firework display will be held at the Atomium, like last year, rounding off our anniversary year.

>>> 27.07 • 03.08 • 10.08 • 17.08 • 24.08.2018 
Fireworks Laeken >>>


Pavilion Coucou BarInstalled at the foot of the Atomium, the Coucou Brussels information pavilion will be open all summer. There, visitors will find extensive information on the cultural and tourist attractions of Brussels.
Tourists and locals alike are invited to share a convivial moment over some refreshments and to relax in the deckchairs available for visitors.
>>> 15.07-09.09.2018 [10am-8pm]
CouCou Bar >>>

Animation Focus CircusThe performances are free for everyone. Their emphasis will be on street theatre and circus arts, and they will take place on summer holiday weekends at the foot of the Atomium, as part of the focusCIRCUS year.
>>> 20-22.07 & 15-19.08.2018
Focus CIRCUS >>> 


Atomium FestivalFollowing two successful editions, the Brussels-based collective Deep In House will be offering a special version of its open-air event: the Atomium Festival.
Featuring two stages and electronic music, the event is free and open to all. It will provide the younger generations with the chance to celebrate the Atomium’s birthday through music. 
>>> 08.09.2018 [2pm-00am]
Deep In House >>>

Distinguished Gentlemans RideCut a stylish figure on your motorbike, all for a good cause ; this is the maxim mobilising the group of bikers who have been riding around the world together since 2012, collecting money for charity and raising public awareness of men’s health and related scientific research. 

On 30 September, the Distinguised Gentlemans Ride will parade around the Atomium, calling to mind the ambition at the heart of Expo 58 : A review of the world for a more humane world.

>>> 30.09.2018


Closing Concert [Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie]The Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia is also celebrating its 60th anniversary.
In October, a special concert will be given in the Prigogine Sphere by this renowned chamber  orchestra, which will present pieces dating from the era of Expo 58, when the Atomium was created.

>>> 06.10.2018

Interclassics BrusselsSixty years ago the world exhibition was held at the Heizel in Brussels under the name Expo 58. Now, sixty years later during the InterClassics Brussels, which will take place form 16 until 18 November, we will look back at the Expo 58 and we’ll celebrate this anniversary with an exceptional exhibition of a collection of unique cars from 1958. This is organized in collaboration with the Belgian Federation for Old Vehicles.

>>> 16-17-18.11.2018






Sourire 58 [Smile 58] : an official Comic Book to mark Expo 58’s 60th anniversaryThis geopolitical thriller is set right in the heart of the 1958 World’s Fair!
The artist, Baudouin Deville, recreates the typical atmosphere of Brussels with passionate attention to detail. The comic book is written by historian Patrick Weber and the adventure is a perfectly documented story of fiction [french & dutch].

And in order to emphasise the link between the Atomium’s 60th birthday and the publication of the comic book Sourire 58, images from the book will be displayed in an outdoor exhibition installed at the foot of the Atomium, from  March to September 2018.

FLO 58 beer will be recreated for the Atomium’s 60th birthday. The Flobecq brewery, which produced a beer for Expo 58, will recreate this exceptional brew. The special vintage will be unveiled on 23 March 2018.

Producing a pleasantly warm glow, this iconic Cervoise beer subtly combines tradition and modernity, just like the Atomium, both today and 60 years ago. 

The taste sensations produced by this beer are similar to those of the original 50’s brew, and yet it is 100% ORGANIC. Through this love story, brewer John Christian Kavakure aims to reconnect with Expo 58, appealing to those who recall it fondly and new generations alike.


An Atomium MeisterSinger watch. In 2018, the famous MeisterSinger company will bring out a watch in tribute to the 60th anniversary of this most Belgian of buildings. A limited edition of just 60 watches will delight collectors  [model ED-BE18].

Lunch for 60€ to celebrate the Atomium’s 60th birthday. From April to December, the Atomium Restaurant will be serving a special 3-course lunch for 60€, to celebrate the Atomium’s 60th birthday. Customers will  have the opportunity to discover Belgian products, dishes, and wines. 
Anyone who makes a booking for this will be able to enjoy a free visit to the Atomium.


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