The tour is divided into two steps (PDF):

1/ The panorama
Departure from the ground floor with the elevator to the panorama (level 7)
2/ The exhibitions
Departure on foot from the ground floor* to the upper levels 
(*)  This part of the tour includes besides escalators, 80 steps to go up and 167 steps to get down divided over different levels.
The  Children’s sphere is only accessible for schools on reservation only or during prescheduled workshops.
The other spheres are technical areas, or exclusively reserved for hire and therefore not open to the general public.
The panorama restaurant (level 8) is – strictly speaking – not part of the visit but it is freely accessible from level 7 if you want to eat or drink something.
Apart from the upper sphere, which is accessible by the lift, the rest of the Atomium is not easy for people with restricted mobility, and unfortunately it is not suitable for wheelchairs.
Therefor the entrance to the Atomium is free for people with a handicap.
Anyone who needs assistance (people in wheelchairs etc.) must be accompanied. Anyone accompanying somebody in a wheelchair must pay for his/her ticket (teacher fee). Entrance is free for anybody with a disability permit.
Due to steep and narrow escalators and many stairs, the visit with a baby carriage in the Atomium is not possible and therefore not allowed.
It is strictly prohibited:
  • to smoke,
  • to eat your own picnic,
  • to enter the building with an animal, apart from guided dogs.
Other comments:
  • there is no cloakroom at the Atomium, 
  • the content of your luggage may be controlled, 
  • children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult,
  • strollers and travel bags need to be left at the ticketing office,
  • school or extracurricular groups must be accompanied by at least one adult per 10 minors,
  • our video surveillance system is designed to guarantee your safety,
  • the bipods are emergency exits and access to them is strictly prohibited during a normal visit.
  • for security reasons, visitors are kindly asked to store backpacks or other large bags into a locker at the cash desk.


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Follow Atomium Tubes and Stairs.

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