The Atomium, representing an iron crystal, magnified 165 billion times, corresponds to a cube centred on one of its points.

The whole thing is made up of 9 spheres (one at each of the 8 points and one in the middle) connected by 20 tubes (12 cube edges plus 2 tubes for the 4 diagonals): the structure rests on 3 pillars (or bipods).


  • Total height: 102m
  • Diameter of the spheres: 18m
  • Diameter of the tubes: 3m30
  • Length of the cube edge tubes: 29m
  • Length of the diagonal tubes: 23m
  • Diameter of the base pavilion: 26m
  • Total mass (in 1958): 2400 tonnes

These figures might make you feel a bit dizzy, but check out the staggering 360° picture taken, and generously donated by Matthieu Selme, to get a feel for the geometrical genius of the monument.




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